Professional development

Tuesday Evening Lecture No. 2 Whats to do, when youngsters dont want to work with different partners?



Youngsters in the Second Chance Schools often have bad experiences with school education. This often is the reason for insecurity and resistance in cooperation with any partners. The Tuesday evening lecture gives practical tips on how this obstacle to a productive goal-oriented work can be changed in Second Chance Schools.


Tuesday evening lecture is offered as a Skype meeting. It takes 30 minutes 19.00 – 19.30 The lecturer gives for 15 minutes information on good practices on the topic. Then follow 15 minutes exchange with the participants of the meeting.



Target group

Training for teachers and facilitators in 2nd chance education

Training topics
  • How to encourage and promote collaboration and cooperation within the group

On demand (contact resource person)

9 August 2016


Reinhold Schiffers,
Weiterbildungskolleg Mönchengladbach / E2C