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Teaching Social Media - Safety and Security on Internet

Training Course: Teaching Social Media- Safety and Security on Internet
Programme: Digital School 
Dates: 03/06/19-08/06/19
Duration: 50 hours (7 days).

Objectives of the Course: The objective of the course is to familiarize teachers with the challenges of online interactions so that they are able to teach students about the potential dangers that can be encountered in the virtual world. The Internet can be a dangerous place if it is not used responsibly, and this course seeks to equip teachers with good practices that can help avoid common problems.

Specific objectives of the Course:

  • The participants will be familiarized with the most important concepts of internet safety, and also the most common threats to user security
  • The participants will be familiarized with the concept of cyber bullying and will also be equipped with the best practices in order to prevent or to solve such cases
  • The participants will be familiarized with the concepts of internet privacy, and the importance it plays in everyday internet use
  • The participants will be familiarized with the basic tools that help prevent or solve common computer security threats such as viruses, malware or mail phishing

Competences of the Course:

  • Increased awareness of the participant about privacy and safety on internet,
  • Participant will know how to help to assess their students about the risks of publishing their information on their interne

The course also includes this online activity that will be daily developed on the online platform.



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Target group

Support for organisational development

Training topics
  • How to cope with bullying in learning groups
  • How to develop student´s self reflecting abilities
  • How to enhance your own mentoring and guidance counseling skills
  • How to find and use(online)resources which are beneficial for my lessons planning and teaching
  • How to strengthen reliability
  • How to use Internet and mobile devices as added value in learning situations instead of source of disturbance
  • Support for school development /development of organisations
  • Support for the development of teaching, education and classroom management

Scheduled for date below

3 June 2018


Nieves Magro Cruzado / Isabel Álvarez Ramos,
Inercia Digital, S.L