Professional development

Re-entry: Reintroducing young people to education in the classroom

The return to school can be rocky for both teachers/trainers and there students, this webinar will guide you through the process of creating Individual Education Plan (IEP) in collaboration with student(s) and parent guardian(s).

Course Outcomes:

  • Planning to develop an IEP
  • Writing, Implementing and Reviewing the IEP
  • Transition Requirements in the IEP
  • Parental and Student Involvement
  • Roles and Responsibilities 

Target group

Training for teachers and facilitators in 2nd chance education

Training topics
  • How to develop student´s self reflecting abilities
  • How to encourage and promote collaboration and cooperation within the group
  • How to enhance your own mentoring and guidance counseling skills
  • How to stimulate student´s creativity
  • Support for school development /development of organisations
  • Support for the development of teaching, education and classroom management

On demand (contact resource person)

9 August 2016


Martyn Jones,
Phoenix Social Enterprise