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Multimedia Publishing in Education

Training Course: Multimedia Publishing in Education
Programme: Digital School 
Dates: 25/02/2019-03/03/2019
Duration: 50 hours (7 days).

The objective of the course is to help training personnel and teachers from educational centres use of digital tools to be able to organise, create, edit, and share documents, information, supporting material in different multimedia formats for the students’ use in their training process and also for the teaching team.

Specific objectives of the Course:
● Participants will learn about the principles and the importance of creating and using multimedia content in order to make the educational process more interesting.
● Participants will become familiar with the Camtasia platform. Camtasia Studio gives you the tools to record your computer screen and then turn those recordings into professional-grade videos.
● Participants will become familiar with the Audacity application, which allows teachers to do audio recordings of lectures and other types of content and to publish them for a wider audience of students
● Participants will become familiar with the WordPress blogging platform, which helps teachers to publish, update and maintain in real time course materials that are relevant for the students’ educational needs
● Participants will become familiar with the YouTube platform, which gives teachers the opportunity to publish full audio-video lectures and other types of content online 

Competences of the Course:
● To create an audio-visual content
● To know the process of publishing and distribution of the multimedia material 
● To know how to create and publish the multimedia material by using the blog as a channel 

The course also includes this online activity that will be daily developed on the online platform.


For further information about the course and the registration, please don´t hesitate to contact us at

Target group

Training for teachers and facilitators in 2nd chance education

Training topics
  • How to develop student´s self reflecting abilities
  • How to encourage and promote collaboration and cooperation within the group
  • How to enhance your own mentoring and guidance counseling skills
  • How to find and use(online)resources which are beneficial for my lessons planning and teaching
  • How to stimulate student´s creativity
  • How to strengthen reliability
  • How to use Internet and mobile devices as added value in learning situations instead of source of disturbance
  • Support for the development of teaching, education and classroom management

Scheduled for date below

25 February 2019


Nieves Magro Cruzado,
Inercia Digital, S.L