Professional development

Managing Teenage Challenging Behaviour

The teenage years are develop mentally and socially turbulent even within the most secure of backgrounds. In our society, which is becoming increasingly more complicated in terms of roles, social norms, relationships and identity, it can be tremendously difficult for a young person to find a place in the world. This course allows learners an insight into modern teens and provides tools for communicating with them, managing their behaviour and keeping them safe.


  • Teachers working with difficult young people

Learning Outcomes

  • Know normal teenage development
  • Be aware of teenage behaviour and trends
  • Understand gangs, delinquency, conduct disorder and drugs
  • Know about depression, withdrawal, anxiety and self-harm
  • Understand eating disorders
  • Understand emotional literacy and healthy activity
  • Know how to keep teenagers safe

Target group

Training for teachers and facilitators in 2nd chance education

Training topics
  • How to develop student´s self reflecting abilities
  • How to encourage and promote collaboration and cooperation within the group
  • How to enhance your own mentoring and guidance counseling skills
  • Support for the development of teaching, education and classroom management

On demand (contact resource person)

9 August 2016


Martyn Jones,
Phoenix Social Enterprise