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Ideas into Action - Entrepreneuship for Youth Workers based on Local Economy Needs

Ideas into Action - Entrepreneuship for Youth Workers based on Local Economy Needs

The Erasmus+ Youth KA2 project “Ideas into Action – Entrepreneurship for youth workers based on local economy needs” is an exciting opportunity for Young People across Europe to share good ideas and be encouraged to get involved in entrepreneurship. The project recognises that the health, sustainability and competitive edge of our economies depend on our young people having ideas and setting up businesses successfully. It also acknowledges that globally the EU is behind the curve in relation to some of its global competitors, and encouragement of entrepreneurship for Young People and access to initiatives, varies between member states. There are also concerns that the landscape of provision is too complex, and that many “all-age” initiatives in relation to entrepreneurship are not suitable for young people.

This project seeks to address these challenges by exploring all the factors above & developing practical, youth-friendly solutions towards a stronger & more equitable service by capturing, nurturing & capitalising on young people’s entrepreneurial spirits.

The Ideas into Action project will:

  • Encourage partners to learn from and with each other;
  • Instill, foster & support a spirit of entrepreneurship in young people, through development of effective frameworks & training tools for young people and those who work with them;
  • To empower young people – especially those at possible risk of exclusion from the labour market – with the skills & tools to relate to their own world & to contribute to the sustainable growth of the local economy.

Target group

Training for NEET group learn

Training topics
  • How to develop student´s self reflecting abilities
  • How to encourage and promote collaboration and cooperation within the group
  • How to find and use(online)resources which are beneficial for my lessons planning and teaching
  • How to promote access to the labour market
  • How to stimulate student´s creativity
  • How to strengthen reliability
  • Support for school development /development of organisations

Continuous e.g. online resources

8 February 2017


Mathew Hayes,
Ideas into Action Erasmus+ Team (see website link)