Professional development

Dealing with difficult and provocative behavior of pupils

‘How to deal with difficult and provocative behavior of pupils'

This is training offer for teachers, trainers and youth leaders about ‘how to cope with the provocative behavior of students?’ The idea of the training is based on a scenario workshop for the teaching staff. The programme was created in response to numerous questions asked by teachers about how to react to a variety of difficult student behavior, to be able to change this behaviour and at the same time to maintain his teachers' authority.

The opinions of people working with youngsters (especially the young ones, who are at the beginning of their education career) show that sometimes the standard repertoire reaction of educators  to ‘incorrect’ behavior of pupils is poor, and the vast majority of these reactions are ineffective or even perpetuate undesirable behavior. It happens that teachers contribute to the escalation of problems and conflicts, using provocation to the troublesome student to ridicule him, and thus punish. Although they are seeing the ineffectiveness of their activities, the lack of alternative ideas, for many years to reproduce the same patterns of response.

The main message of this training is that teacher must react to abnormal, dysfunctional behavior of the student. However, the response can not be dictated by accidental or current emotions. It should be thought out and purposeful, giving high guarantee of a positive change in behavior of pupil.

Main topics:
- Challenging behavior of children and adolescents
- Provocation as a particularly difficult behavior

Target group

Training for teachers and facilitators in 2nd chance education

Training topics
  • How to cope with bullying in learning groups
  • How to enhance your own mentoring and guidance counseling skills
  • Other
  • Support for school development /development of organisations
  • Support for the development of teaching, education and classroom management

On demand (contact resource person)

31 August 2016


Joanna Szymańska,
Education Development Center (ORE)…