Professional development

Advanced Google Search and Research

In this free webinar teachers and trainers will learn how to efficiently search and use google's indexing service to research topics within their field of interest, gaining this knowledge will allow good practices to filter down to BAME and NEET groups in a practical way.

Training Topics:

  • How to use google's advanced search GUI
  • How to perform advanced searches using google's search bar
  • How to use google scholar for research

Target group

Support for organisational development

Training topics
  • How to find and use(online)resources which are beneficial for my lessons planning and teaching
  • How to stimulate student´s creativity
  • How to strengthen reliability
  • How to support students and offer techniques to better understand and write texts
  • How to use Internet and mobile devices as added value in learning situations instead of source of disturbance
  • Support for the development of teaching, education and classroom management

On demand (contact resource person)

8 August 2016


Martyn Jones,
Phoenix Social Enterprise