Web Cam with confidence

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As you may have seen in the media, there has been a recently warning of increasing sexual offending on the internet involving digital media through social networking sites.

The attached document raises the issue with the students on how to stay safe online and where to go for support when things may go wrong.  

Some of the key points for discussion are:

  • Who to tell if you are being threatened online
  • Where to get help and support if this happens 
  • Would you be happy for family or friends to see the image?

Resource type

  • Exercise (a short group or individual activity or game which can be used in different learning situations)

Target Group

  • Facilitators/Tutors

Participant compentencies

  • Communication in foreign language
  • Learning to learn
  • Social and civic competencies
  • Cutural awareness

Facilitators compentencies

  • Provide effective opportunities to support learning
  • Provide effective opportunities to support personal & social development

Which criteria would identify your example as "Good Practice"?

  • Easy to Use
  • Interactive for participants

What methods have you used to assess this as "Good Practice"?

  • Participant Feedback
  • Questionnaire

Recommendations for use

You will need to register with the site, but they have some fantastic resources you can use with students around social networking issues and bullying topics.


File webcam_with_confidence.pptx