SCOGATT - Serious Computer Games as a Teaching Tool

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The project SCOGATT is about:

  1. Identifying Serious Computer Games (SCG)
  2. Using SCG in the curriculum
  3. Developing a workshop in which teachers will learn and be trained in using SCG in class
  4. Transferring the award winning EnerCities as an exemplar of a successful SCG to new settings and languages.

The  main aims and objectives are:

  1. To enable partners to utilise the exemplar opportunities for VET contained in the EnerCities game by translating it into the partner languages
  2. To identify content for and construct a database of Serious Computer Games available in all partner countries which are suitable for use within VET systems
  3. To use the good practice developed during the implementation of the EnerCities project and other relevant experience within the partnership to provide an online tool-kit to support VET teachers in using Serious Computer Games as a Teaching Tool.
  4. To ensure maximum valorisation of the outputs of the project in order to have high impact with VET at a European level

Resource type

  • Didactic material (e.g. Videos, books, CDs, Links to external resources, game)

Target Group

  • Facilitators/Tutors
  • Trainers
  • Youth Workers
  • Local community groups

Participant compentencies

  • Communication in mother tongue
  • Communication in foreign language
  • Digital competencies
  • Learning to learn

Facilitators compentencies

  • Meet the needs & interests of participants

Which criteria would identify your example as "Good Practice"?

  • Easy to Use
  • Integrates ICT into the learning process

What methods have you used to assess this as "Good Practice"?

  • Participant Feedback


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