One for all - All for one

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This exercise is best used during an introduction period. It serves as an "icebreaker" and  "come together" activity - to get people to talk and get to know each other. The exercise seems playful, but the connection to employability is obvious and also the purpose of reaching consensus on the topic. Do we always have the same opinion ? Another aspect is to start a process within the learner to find out which (future )career he/she is interested in.

Besides the labor market , the excercise (with small changes )can also be used within other subjects.

Resource type

  • Exercise (a short group or individual activity or game which can be used in different learning situations)

Target Group

  • Facilitators/Tutors
  • Trainers

Participant compentencies

  • Learning to learn
  • Social and civic competencies
  • Cutural awareness

Facilitators compentencies

  • Provide effective opportunities to support personal & social development
  • Provide effective opportunities to develop employability and enterprise skills

Which criteria would identify your example as "Good Practice"?

  • Easy to Use
  • Interactive for participants
  • Accessible for a range of indirect target groups
  • Accessible for participants with different levels of ability

What methods have you used to assess this as "Good Practice"?

  • Participant Feedback

Recommendations for use

Do not let the exercise take to long !


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