Accelerated Student Development via Private Learning

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Private schools are now turning their attention to creating the right blend of a structured curriculum with conditions that encourage personal development.

 In personalized learning settings—which happen inside and outside the classroom—teachers assess students’ strengths and needs in order to better align their teaching with each student’s learning style and interests while maintaining high standards.

Personalized learning can accelerate a child’s development of academic skills along with an aptitude for learning. An approach that considers every student as unique can be realized by working with small groups of students who may be at different levels of mastery by allowing them to progress at their own pace without worrying about being too far behind (or ahead) of their classmates.

Private schools who have adopted this approach such as Arcadia Academy in Montenegro, also focus on developing important social skills such as team work, amd leadership, all of which contribute to overall personality development. Co-curricular activities and sports are an additional character building exercise which plays an important role in maintaining physical and mental health during school years.

There are many international private schools but Arcadia Academy based in Montenegro stand out with a high level of student achievement. The school is surrounded by the scenic beauty of the Mediteranean cost and is nearby UNESCO World Heritage sites with medieval villages steeped in history. The school is a gateway for admission to some of the top tier schools in the world and lays the foundation for children to succeed in their future endeavors.

About Arcadia Academy:

Arcadia Academy is a Cambridge international school based in Tivat, Montenegro. Its goals is to prepare children for a different world, one that is highly challenging and where maintaining a balance between acquiring knowledge and promoting the joy of discovery is key to a child’s journey.

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