1st step scheduled planning

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Here you have a example of a 5 weeks planning to welcome new trainees in a 2nd chance school in order to create a team movement, to test their scholarly level and to begin with the first employment searching methods.

It works very well here: we "are losing" less than 8% of a new group, with lots of social difficulties with this new program.


This 1st step (more detailled in attachment document), runs through four week in our school and one week in a work placement.

The main aim for trainees is to have a comprehensive understanding of our operation.

The main aim for trainers is to have an overview of what kind of problem could have each trainee. (and how we can work with them.)

Resource type

  • Didactic material (e.g. Videos, books, CDs, Links to external resources, game)

Target Group

  • Trainers
  • Youth Workers

Participant compentencies

  • Communication in foreign language
  • Mathematical competence
  • Digital competencies
  • Learning to learn
  • Social and civic competencies
  • Sense of initiative and entrepeneurship
  • Cutural awareness

Facilitators compentencies

  • Provide effective opportunities to support learning
  • Provide effective opportunities to support personal & social development
  • Provide effective opportunities to develop employability and enterprise skills

Which criteria would identify your example as "Good Practice"?

  • Accessible for a range of indirect target groups
  • Accessible for participants with different levels of ability
  • Provides practical activity

What methods have you used to assess this as "Good Practice"?

  • Data Analysis
  • Facilitator feedback


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