Rights and duties of participant

  • Learner or student
  • During the work placement

Duties of the European partner institutions and of the participant:

  • Cooperate in implementing the mobility as part of the work placement
  • Communicate with SO throughout the work placement
  • Provide information within the expected deadlines as set in the letter of intent
  • Respect the commitments set by the Leonardo Quality Charter

Participant’s duties:

  • Provide the administrative and educational information necessary for preparing your case file
  • Respect the hours of the host institution and give advance notice if you will be unavailable
  • Be willing and motivated
  • Give as much advance notice as possible in the event of a change / new orientation / withdrawal before confirmation of the work placement
  • Complete the work placement within the established period of time
  • Contact the SO at least once a month for any stay lasting more than one month
  • Go to SO upon returning from your work placement to do an educational summary of the experience, and to confirm it
  • Upon returning, submit the accounting documentation specified during the interviews within two weeks after you return.

 Mobility Booklet, TAPT - Transfer of Administrative and Pedagogical Tools useful to manage mobility projects (2012 - 1-FR1-LEO05-35954 - Lifelong Learning Programme – Leonardo da Vinci: Transfer of Innovation).