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Weiterbildungskolleg ( is a public school and is integrated in the Second Chance School System of the region North-Rhine Westphalia.The responsible body is the City of M├Ânchengladbach.

The school is working with unemployed youngsters and young adults in the age between 16 and 25 years old. Almost all of the 500 students are young people dropped out of the regular school system without any school certificate or they want to get a higher school certificate than they have now to increase the chances on the labour market. The students are all unemployed because they are not able to get a job or they have no possibility to get a vocational education (placement) in an enterprise. Our aim is that the students achieve a school certificate in order to have access to the labour market. WBK works together with enterprises and other organizations in the field of adult education. WBK has 30 teachers/trainers involved in the work with their students. All of them have a full time job in the institution. WBK being a member of the Board of the European Association of Second Chance Schools (E2C-Europe) WBK will have the role of "linking pin" between the project and the European Association E2C. Reinhold Schiffers, Headmaster of WBK, is an expert in further training of teachers and in the transfer of participative and Cooperative learning.

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