First impressions on work placement

  • Teacher, trainer or mentor
  • During the work placement

Specific support should be given to trainers in order to help them perform their sometimes difficult task. This evaluation tool helps the trainer to understand how the work placement is going and to take action if any problems occur.

The participant’s trainer/mentor plays a decisive role in the framework of the risk prevention and crisis management action plan. The trainer/mentor should be aware of his/her responsibilities and rights in the context of the work placement. The trainer/mentor would be the person closest to and most familiar with the personal situation of the participant during the placement. He/she bears a high level of responsibility in a situation where a participant is faced with personal risk.

 The tool has been developed in LION Living, Learning and Working for NEET-group - Grundtvig Multilateral Project, (2012-4511/527488-LLP-1-2012-1-UK-GRUNDTVIG_GMP).

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