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  • Sending/host organization
  • Before the work placement

Phoenix Social Enterprise ( is a social enterprise with a clear business purpose - to help individuals, communities and economies progress and grow. The enterprise is committed to providing excellent service and offering quality job opportunities and placements worldwide.

PSE aims to be the company of choice for its clients, job seekers and employers by matching its candidates' talents with appropriate opportunities. They will always aim to provide quality assured services and to exceed the expectations of companies, individuals and communities they come into contact with. They conform to professional standards of ethical conduct and make a worthwhile contribution to society.

They find people willing to share their skills and knowledge with other communities. In doing so, the organisation creates lasting change for the individuals and for the community they work in. Phoenix volunteers work to help our international partners achieve their aim to improve knowledge of the English language and enhance business skills in their countries. Doing so is an investment in local people, their schools, culture and economy. They also offer competitive rented office space and conference, meeting and training facilities at affordable prices.

The organisation works with the European Commission, governments in Europe, industries, businesses, schools and universities to ensure good work experiences for our candidates and their hosts. Specifically we liaise with: the Department of work and pensions (DWP), Criminal Records Bureau (to ensure we carry out checks on individuals wanting to work with children and young people), UK employers who want to fill a temporary vacancy (at zero cost) and European partners: Private companies, public sector companies, training organisations, colleges, language schools, employment agencies and more.

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