Here you find materials in progress from the E-PODS and DISCO-projects as well as materials developed in previous projects. The materials are developed to support the development of learners and communities: please respect the copyright and enjoy the use of them in your local situation. Except for the DISCO-materials documents are the property of the respective owners and are only presented here to improve dissemination and usability.

EPODS - Initial materials

  • EPODS presentation at EDEN Open Schools for Open Societies Conference Oct 20-22, 2017. PPT and PDF.
  • Interview of Chris Janssen by EPALE in EN, NL, LT and DE.
  • Report Joint User Needs Analysis in EN.
  • Needs Analysis Questionnaire in EN.
  • Leaflet in EN, DE, IT, NL, and GR/EL.
  • EPODS Newsletter #1: Project Kick-Off in EN.
  • EPODS Newsletter #2: What has EPODS been up to? in EN.

DISCO - Final products

Out of the DISCO project (2014-2016) the following products were delivered:

  • Report on Good Practices in EN, DE and PL
  • Report on European Kitemark in EN, DE and PL
  • Report on International work exchange including the handbook in EN, DE and PL
  • Report on Community in EN, DE and PL
  • Report on Professional Development Offers in EN, DE and PL
  • Report on Teacher/trainer assessment in EN, DE and PL

DISCO - Presentations, Final Conference

The following presentations were given during the Final Conference on Thursday June 23rd, 2016, in Brussels at: Ufficio di Bruxelles - Regione Siciliana, 12 Rue Belliard. Videos shown during the Conference will be made available online soon.

DISCO - Preparatory work

The following materials are developed till now:

  • Project poster in EnglishGerman and Italian language
  • European Kitemark - presentation of the on-line self- and peer-assessment system for (continuous) organizational benchmarking and improvement of second chance education providers in English language
  • Handbook for International placements in second chance education (developed with support of previous results from MOBILE, TAPT and LION project)
  • Handbook online grading systeem for good practices in second chance education
  • Needs and network analysis European community of teachers and trainers

DISCO - Newsletters



IMPACTS is a European project aiming to Inspire and Motivate Physically disabled Athletes to enter into Coaching and Training careers in Sports. IMPACTS provides stepping stones for mainstream disabled athletes to move into coaching and training positions.

From School To Community

"From School to Community: Children and Students as Agents of Social Change" was implemented within the framework of the Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education Project was supported by the Central Finance and Contracts Unit Ministry of National Education and European Union. The overall aim of this project was for students to organise and participate in activities that will raise awareness among society on the subjects of democracy and human rights. Materials and activities to provide guidance to students were developed and implemented within the project framework. At the same time, the experience gained through the project activities were expected to help students to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values required to actively contribute to democratic life. You find the Student Activities Implementation Handbook in English and Turkish language. 


The LION-project (2012-2015) focused on living, learning and working for those not in employment, education or training (NEET).  The project took a beneficiary-centred approach in which products  were developed to support innovative teaching and e-learning, (international) work placement and social conditions, and quality assurance in (second chance) education. The following products were developed in LION:

Living and Learning in Border Regions

The project Living and Learning in Border Regions developed materials to support learning in border regions. In this way teachers were enabled to develop materials that support active autonomous learning and thinking. Also ways for complementary learning outside classroom environment were incorporated in the project next to showcasing and compating educational path ways in border regions. The developed materials are available in German: a specific part is dedicated to the Dutch-German border region.


ENTER was developed as a non-formal training programme for young people in second chance education with the aim to reduce the drop-out risk in formal education. Groups of young students engaged in non-formal learning activities by crossing borders to another country as part of the ENTER training programme. ENTER learned that this not only redefines the students' views on "what learning really is about" but it also increases their soft skills, self-confidence and ultimately increases their motivation for learning thereby reducing the risk of dropping-out in school. ENTER Toolkit 1 contains challenging cross border activities: informal and pedagogic activities enhancing the performance of student in formal education and vocational training. ENTER Toolkit 2 contains the project evaluation methods and the Experience Report. The evaluation methods assess the impact of the mobilities on the participants. Finally, ENTER Toolkit 3 contains the main products of the students (documentented through questionnaires, surveys, video clips) plus the products developed by the students as part of the training programme.


Hattrick sought to engage socially disadvantaged young men - especially young male migrants – in educational activities by reaching them in football clubs. Football clubs are explored as possible new places of learning through a two fold training strategy:

  1. Hattrick developed and tested “FootbaLLL” (Football and Lifelong Learning) workshops for 15-25 year old migrant football players, where social and intercultural skills were developed.
  2. It enabled football trainers to support their players in the process of integration into LifeLong Learning and at the same time to increase the team performance. To enhance their social and intercultural competences a training programme called “FootbaLLL Coach” will be developed.

A trainer brochure, a player brochure and a toolkit with workshops, games and exercises were developed. 


The project EXACT exploited and disseminated good practices in the area of education and training. The project focussed on Learning for Life and Learning for a Job, leading to four concrete products in three languages:


International placements appears to be a "life changer" for youngsters in second chance education. MOBILE developed easy accessible, up-to-date information and tools for international work exchange. These information and tools improve the quality of international placements to prosper social inclusion, personal skills and European working opportunities. For teachers/trainers and mentors/enterprises a toolbox is available. Learners/students find supporting documents and courses here

Learning Community

The EU Grundtvig “Learning Community - Migrants as Education Multipliers Pave the Way for Migrants to Access Lifelong Learning (LC)” project operated in the field of promoting equal opportunity for disadvantaged groups, in particular the improvement of migrants access to adult education. All LC project activities on all levels were aimed at opening doors to adult education for migrants. As a method for reducing barriers on the individual level of the migrants, a peer-to-peer multiplier approach was used. Persons who are migrants themselves and have good access to the target group were trained and since then have been active as multipliers. The following products are available from LC:

  • Guidelines for working with Education Ambassadors (EN)
  • Analysis of access of immigrants to life long learning opportunities (EN)
  • Curriculum Training  for Education-Ambassadors (EN and NL)


The DEVOTED booklet was the main output of the DEVOTED project, which ran from December 2009 till November 2011  with seven European partners. The booklet shows evidence-based practices for professionals working with disadvantaged target groups and especially for those working with (potential) early school leavers. Divided over a long list (the practices) and a short list (the good practices) approximately 45 practices were assessed and, when selected, the remaining 15 were tested, reviewed and finalized. Three themes formed the heart of the development process within DEVOTED: alongside the themes of 1) key-, social and citizenship competencies, 2) interculturality, gender and diversity competencies and 3) creative skills and ICT Competencies methods, curricula, tools and other practices were searched for to be
assessed, selected, tested, reviewed and finalized/standardized. The DEVOTED booklet is available in English, German, Dutch, Italian and Romanian language. 


The SAMIN-project combined proven services in an innovative way to serve the needs of young peoplewith a Turkish family background to improve their access to initial vocational education and training. The Methodology Handbook offers different sets of specific approaches, recommendations and possible strategies to support the inclusion
of vulnerable immigrants into the job market. The integration of immigrants into the job market is a positive outcome for receiving societies and a consequence of
improved training and services that are offered.  The Methodology Handbook is primarily directed at practitioner level i.e. teachers, trainers in the public, private and voluntary sector who are working or aim to work with immigrants with the purpose of supporting their social and professional integration into the job market. The aim is that the Handbook is adaptable for use in different local and regional contexts to be used at implementation level by practitioners who can adopt and adapt approaches and methods within their fieldwork. The Methodology Handbook is available in English, German, Dutch, French and Italian. The preceding gap analysis in English


EUROPEMOBILITY produced a number of useful brochures or information packs around mobility and education in Europe. Take a look: