SecondChanceEducation.eu focusses on the quality improvement of second chance education, paying particular attention to the development of a European online knowledge and quality centre. In this centre digital assessment tools, good practices and trainings are available. In this way SecondChanceEducation.eu focuses on the quality of curricula/tools, the quality of teachers/trainers and the organisational setting in which the NEET-group education takes place. A European online community of teachers and trainers guides the development of www.SecondChanceEducation.eu on www.facebook.com/secondchanceeducation.


Recently projects like EXACT, DEVOTED and LION contributed to the development of good teaching/learning practices and the development of competence based quality standards. This, together with opening up of educational institutions towards employers and social service providers, made it possible to provide state-of-art opportunities for those in a disadvantaged position. Furthermore guidance on work placements in the EGUIDYA, EMYA, BEST and MOBILE projects was of high value to set standards that facilitate international placements and to sensitise employers and educational institutions regarding the needs and opportunities in the workplace. The world is changing fast: further impulses need to be given to the digital opportunities and the (European) community building in second chance education. 


A knowledge and quality centre has been built via a state-of-the-art European wide online platform for second chance education. In this knowledge centre all experience and expertise is bundled, gathered from previous projects and updated to provide accessible online tools, ensuring investment in trainers, teachers and beneficiaries on a European level. The developed tools (user-driven, online grading system for good practices; self- and peer-assessment system for organisations; tailor-made e-portfolio tool for (international) placements; self-assessment tool for teachers/trainers) will create the opportunity to think and act borderless in European second chance education and upgrade national developments to a European, transversal, setting.

Additionally it is important that those involved in the development of training and teaching processes contribute themselves and share ideas, knowledge and experiences. An active online and offline European community of teachers/trainers in second chance education shares, discusses, develops and evaluates their practices and ideas. In this way a bottom-up movement is started based on social network activity and user involvement. The continuous professional education of teachers and trainers is fostered making all teacher trainings in the second chance network visible, thereby connecting supply and demand as well as exploring good practices for joint (European) curriculum design and international guest lectures. In this way SecondChanceEducation.eu impacts on beneficiaries of the NEET-group, the organisational/educational settings and the trainers/teachers: local expertise and experiences will be transferred to open digital European quality tools. 

Europe 2020

DISCO targets three of the five objectives of the Europe2020-strategy:

  • Employment (EU2020: 75% of the 20-64 year-olds to be employed) Currently youth unemployment is over 25%. DISCO increases employment opportunities for youngsters at risk by offering them international work experience and making it possible to evidence this experience digitally. 
  • Education (EU2020: Reducing school drop-out rates below 10% and at least 40% of 30-34–year-olds completing third level education) Currently EU average early school leaving stands at 15,3%. DISCO invests in a vulnerable target group, who is at the highest risk of dropping out and has the lowest chances in completing third level education.
  • Fighting poverty and social exclusion (EU2020: at least 20 million fewer people in or at risk of poverty and social exclusion) DISCO offers concrete opportunities and develops tools for teaching and training in a community and network based integrated environment to avoid exclusion and to promote their chances in the European society and labour market.


The SecondChanceEducation.eu platform was developed under the DISCO project from 2014 till 2016. Weiterbildungskolleg Mönchengladbach (DE) is applicant and lead partner. The consortium consists of EURICON (NL), Betawerk (NL), CKU Sopot (PL), CESIE (IT), Phoenix Social Enterprise (UK), EfVET (NL). More information available via the project coordinator Chris Janssen (chris.janssen@euricon.eu).